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Steganos Privacy Suite 11 激活码免费申请

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Steganos Privacy Suite是一套功能完整,简单易用的加密工具包,也就是一款一站式数据安全保护软件,使用Steganos加密技术可以把敏感数据隐藏到不易引人注意的图片、声音文件中;高度敏感数据则能够存储到安全硬盘中,然后按一下按钮就可以在操作系统中消失无踪。Steganos Privacy Suite可以保护电脑隐私,如创建安全密码、创建安全磁碟或快闪随身碟、加密文件、彻底删除电脑中重要资料等。


  • Data safes (up to 512 GB) that really fit everything
  • Steganos Portable Safe makes mobile data safe on the go
  • E-mails in a post office safe
  • Steganos Shredder for 100% data deletion
  • Fully automatically erases digital footprint
  • Easy-as-pie password management
  • Steganos Password Generator creates strong password protection
  • Password security check for the safest codes
  • Open your safe your personal way
  • Private favorites stay private
  • Supports hotkey, automatic login and drag-and-drop
  • Defeats Keyloggers with virtual keyboard
  • Encrypt e-mails the easy way
  • 256 Bit AES security algorithm
  • Steganography hides sensitive data in pictures and music
  • Open Sesame with Steganos PicPas



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