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2011年06月08日 16:48:02 正版软件免费申请 ⁄ 共 731字 ⁄ 字号 暂无评论 ⁄ 阅读 1,018 次

如果你错过了上次限时免费领取MacX Video Converter Pro,现在又有机会获得MacX 系列软件了。

Digiarty Software, Inc.推出了许多格式转化工具,如:MacX DVD Ripper Pro,MacX Video Converter Pro,MacX iPhone DVD Ripper,MacX iPhone Video Converter等等。现在Digiarty为了推广在脸书上针对用户,推出了一个活动计划。


1. Free Sponsorship

We sponsor you up to 50 copies of our software for free and you make the rules to giveaway the copies on your Facebook page or group.

2. Exclusive Facebook Unlimited License Giveaway

* For Facebook group admin, we make a landing page with the license information of the software listed. What you only need to do is creating a new tab and adding its page source under this tab.

* For Facebook page admin, we make an exclusive giveaway page and you create a new tab with its page source, only people who click ”Like” button on your page can see the license code.





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